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After a little nudge from my hubby, I have decided to move my blog to a new spot! Please take a moment to take a look at the new site, and add it to your blog-reading list:)


Fall in New England

Yesterday we had the most wonderful afternoon. We spent several hours at the DeCordova outdoor sculpture park perusing the very cool works of art, with a perfect array of changing fall leaves as the backdrop. It was one of those bittersweet moments for me - sooo happy to be here for one more gorgeous Fall season in New England, trying to absorb every moment of this perfect afternoon since it's also our last autumn in Boston. The DeCordova is one place that Jeff admits he will miss. It's our "happy place"...

Oliver playing "detective" :

3 weeks

I can't believe our little Sawyer is almost 3 weeks old! It is incredible how time flies. Tonight I spent some time in the studio with my family and the baby. They leave in a few days, and we won't see them again until spring :( There are sooo many photos from tonight that I am dying to edit, but since my eyes are burning from sleepiness with our newborn schedule, I only have one to post. Many more to come though...

Sawyer cont'd...

It is so much fun having our very own in-house newborn to photograph! Here are a few more faves from today's little shoot:

Sawyer McKean

It is seriously hard for me to believe that THIS was my view looking down, just 9 days ago:

And now, I have this to look at and adore instead:

We are soooo in love with our new baby! Sawyer McKean arrived 10 days early on September 19, and we are so lucky to have this precious bundle in our family. Oliver and Emma are a the proudest big brother and big sister, and Sawyer is a complete joy. Jeff and I consider ourselves so incredibly blessed to have welcomed another healthy, beautiful baby into our lives. It is truly a gift, and one that we are extremely grateful for.


Counting down...

I've had a lot of fun over the last couple of days getting my studio set up again after 4 months away from home! I couldn't wait to round up the kids (and bribe them with lollipops:) to test out the new lights. It was also a good excuse to snap a few more photos with Ollie, Em and the belly before baby brother arrives!

Monsieur G...

I had such a fun time photographing my very dapper brother-in-law a few days ago, and of course have to share my favorite image. I am continuously in awe of all of the stunning locations just minutes from our doorstep here. I wish I could take this beautiful dried up river bed back with us to Boston:)